Overtake the competition with digitalisation

ERP is a flexible, well-optimized and lean think tank for your company's technology system.
The prerequisites for a rapid and flexible response to changing market conditions are:

  purchases, offers, planning the supply of materials and services
control of production and synchronization of machines and workplaces
quality control and measurement system
planning of technological processes,
financial flow by integrating administrative and accounting processes

Who are we in the network?

For more than 25 years, our company, along with our business partners and individuals, has been maintaining, upgrading and adapting information technology to time, development and new economic conditions.
We use Oracle Forms & Reports technology, Oracle Database and Oracle APEX.


What are our visions?

We see great challenges in technological startup projects, which we build with low-code tools like APEX Oracle. This drastically reduces the amount of programming hours required. By hiring private and public clouds, however, we avoid system administration and look after data security.

We accelerate the speed of development and implementation with DevOps and BizOps integration, which involves close cooperation between technicians, users, planners and managers. Therefore, human resources are reduced to a minimum, which gives us a tremendous advantage over other IT companies, both in time and price.

In our network we strive to play an important role in educating and finding young people for sustainable tracking of technological changes, maintenance and upgrades of our systems.

We are aware that the worldwide demand for our approach is extremely high.




Skypename: matjazmarussig


Email: marussig(at)siol.net

Full Company Name:

Marussig d.o.o.
Address: Cepovanska 2, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenija
V.A.T. Number SI66402166
Identity Number: 5662648000
Registered at: Ljubljana District Court
Founded in 1993